Drug & Alcohol Facts

Drug Used Physical Symptoms Look For Dangers
Alcohol, Beer, Liquor, Wine Slower reaction times, drowsiness, slurred speech, personality changes. Hidden bottles, slack facial expressions, deliberate movements, lack of coordination, memory losses. High risk of accidents, high risk to injure others, medical problems such as ulcers, blood pressure problems.
Glue sniffing Violence, drunk appearance, dreamy or blank expression. Tubes of glue, glue smears, paper bags or hankerchiefs. Lung/brain/liver damage, death through suffocation, anemia.
Heroine, Junk, Morphine, Codeine Stupor/drowsiness, needle marks, watery eyes, blood stain on short sleeve, runny nose. Needle or hypodemic syringe, cotton tourniquet, string, rope, belt, burnt bottle caps or spoons, glassine bags. Death from overdose, mental deterioration, destruction of brain and liver, addictive.
Cough Medicine containing Codeine and Opium Drunk appearance, lack of coordination, confusion, excessive itching. Empty bottle of cough medicine. Causes addiction.
Marijuana, Pot, Grass, Smoke, Boo Sleepiness, wandering mind, enlarged eye pupils, lack of coordination, craving for sweets, increased appetite, mild hallucinations. Red puffiness of eyes, strong odor of burnt leaves, small seeds in pocket lining, cigarette paper, discolored fingers. Anemia, birth defects, inducement to take stronger narcotics. Recent medical finding: Marijuana does injure organs. 1 joint = 1 pack of cigarettes.
LSD, DMT, STP, Trips, Blotter, Angel Dust, Green Flakes, PCP, TIC, K.W. Killer Weed Severe hallucinations, feeling of detachment, incoherent speech, cold hands and feet, vomiting, laughing and crying, psychotic behavior, hallucinations and drunken state. Discolored sugar cubes, strong body odor, small tube of liquid, capsules and pills, small squares of paper with design. Parsely in bag with methenol odor, any color powder in small plastic bag. Suicidal tendencies, unpredictable behavior, chronic exposure causes brain damage. Birth defects, prone to accidental death.
Pep Pills, UPS, Amphetamines, Crank, Speed, Crystal Meth, Go Fast Aggressive behavior, giggling, silliness, rapid speech, confused thinking, no appetite, extreme fatigue, dry mouth, shakiness. Jar of pills of varying colors, chain smoking, any brown to white powder in small plastic bag. Death from overdose, hallucinations, extreme weight loss, brain damage, destruction of vital organs, addictive.
Goof balls, Downs, Barbiturates, 714's, Ludes, Reds, T's Drowsiness, stupor, dullness, slurred speech, drunk appearance, vomiting. Pills of varying colors, sizes & shapes, 714 stamped on tablet. Death from overdose, unconsciousness & addiction, never mix with alcohol.
Coke, Flake, Toot, Cocaine Raised blood pressure, feel no pain, superior attitude, indestructible feeling, masks fatigue. White crystalline powder in small plastic bag or tin foil. Redness of mucous membrane on nose. Heart attack, high blood pressure, accidental burning of self or other injury.
Crack Short periods of euphoria followed by depression, hyperactivity in early stages, lethargic in later stages when not using. Sinus problems, sniffling. Small rock like pieces sometimes in small vials or plastic packages, small screens, candles, razor blades. Depression, sudden death from heart attack or stoke, continual sinus problems, paranoia, suicide.
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