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There is a resource available for you and your patients who are struggling with addictions and other mental-health issues: A Lighthouse With Healthcare Solutions is a single-point contact that provides no-cost, confidential assistance in finding a Christian recovery program especially for those struggling with drug, alcohol and gambling addictions, as well as psychoses or other severe mental illness requiring inpatient treatment.

A call to the toll-free hotline connects you with a care services provider who can:
- Access a network of Christian and secular providers to meet your patients needs;
- Mentor your patients and their families throughout the entire treatment process, from admission into a program through the recovery process. This includes education, intervention, guidance and monitoring;
- Advise your patients and their family members, helping them work through difficult insurance, employment and legal difficulties;
-Set up educational workshops, lectures and seminars for physicians and Christian leaders concerning addiction and mental-health issues.

For more information, call (866) 890-CARE (2273) or visit

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