Katie Rodebaugh BS AACII; Care Services Coordinator

Katie Rodebaugh, BS AACII, Care Services Coordinator

Katie has been working as a substance abuse counselor for over 13 years. Her experience includes assessment of clients for proper treatment, educating clients and family members on mental health and substance abuse, working with managed care companies, and working as a therapist for adolescents, adults, and families. Katie earned a Bachelors degree in Education with a minor in Psychology from Temple University. Katie is currently an Executive Board Member of ICAN in Lancaster, PA (A Mental Health drop-in Center). Katie also volunteers as a Coordinator for the Family Support Network and writes articles monthly on “Forty Developmental Assets for Adolescents”. Katie brings her counseling and education experience to A Lighthouse with Healthcare Solutions to serve as an Educator’s Advocate for job protection, and assists people in obtaining personal care appropriate for their individual needs.

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